uBlock vs uMatrix - the clash of addons


uMatrix: Point and click matrix to filter net requests according to source, destination and type. Was developed by Raymond Hill. Now archived with latest github update on July 20, 2021.

+ block all requests by source/destination/type + block all 3p requests + fast disable/enable request - block requests by file name/content - cosmetic filtering - block popups


uBlock Origin - An efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean. Developed by Raymond Hill.

+ block requests by source/destination/type/content/name + block all 3p requests + cosmetic filtering + block popups - slow disable/enable request


Digdeeper - uBlock Origin, AdBlock Plus, AdGuard, Disconnect, etc.
A huge, constantly updated, list of blocked elements is required for these to work. For example, AdGuard prides itself on having "more than 1,800,000 malicious websites on record." Not something I would brag about, when it's so simple to just block entire classes of requests via uMatrix, rendering most of these adblockers irrelevant.
uBlock can block a embeded fingerprinting script, but with uMatrix you either use the scripts and load the tracking one or you don't load any javascript. yes, i know you can block xhr requests in uMatrix

By using them, you are also relying on someone else to provide you with the lists, instead of taking your web browsing into your own hands.
You can make lists yourself with the logger function and element selector easily

If something isn't on these lists, it will not be blocked, and you cannot possibly make a list that will capture everything ever.
That is indeed true, but that does not mean that with uMatrix you can block everything ever either. phew, edge cases left and right

Advertisers have also been ferociously fighting these lists for a long time now (BlockAdBlock, etc.). This has then spawned userscripts and such that block BlockAdBlock, which the advertisers have again responded to...uMatrix just sidesteps this whole dumb war.
Let's say that the site requres the javascript to load the damn thing and it uses BlockAdBlock. If you were to block the BlockAdBlock script itself there would be no problem. b..but what if the blockadblock script is embeded into the main script? Then you could use the scriptlets and set them up so they disable the script when it tries to make the ad request.

With a properly configured uMatrix, you don't need to care about what tricks the trackers or advertisers have got up their sleeves, since it will all be blocked until you choose otherwise ("default deny" versus "default allow" policy).
There is a way to easily "default deny" 3rd party

Adblockers are easier to use (install and go), but in the end, outclassed by uMatrix, if you take the time to learn it. If you really want a list-based extension, Disconnect is the least worst. It has a nice UI and shows you the saved bandwidth and time, as well as a tracker visualization mode. But really, learn uMatrix.

Note on uBlock Origin: it has some additional features like element hiding and disabling WebRTC - but for basic content blocking, uMatrix is king.
That is also true


uMatrix + uBlock is the best; I personally use uMatrix for content blocking and then I use my visual filter script (that is disabled by difault and then enabled on per-site basis) with the privacy lists that are listed in uBlock filter tab.