Alcohol is gay because you can't think straight after it 

Ah yes alcohol, the ultimate mix of tradition, craftsmanship and quality put together into an affordable brain and liver poison. It sure does taste good - because it's chemically dependence forming on part of the population. If you drink enough of it it makes you feel different. In a good way. But the next day it'll feel like you were poisoned - which you were. For 100s of years humanity struggled to make clear, drinkable water.. now we made a brain & body poison thats chemically addictive.

I drink it because I like the taste

Why do most people like sweets? Because they are full of energy and therefore brain activates your "revard system" when it detects sugar on taste buds. The more you eat the more dopamine will get released. What does that have to do with anything? If you take a drug addict - or actually anyone that does some kind of drugs - and ask them why they would use them the answer would probably be something along the lines of "it's good" or "I enjoy it"... This makes me ask the question does the same apply to alcohol? Yes, because it makes your brain release dopamine just like staring into your internet connected device or eating sugar.

The never ending exposure

How does one adhere to alcohol in the first place? It is usually trough the normalization of alcohol everywhere; alleys of alcohol in supermarkets, restaurants that have only two types of drinks available that usually being less poisony sugar water and more poisony alcohol and asking for water is a obscurity (plus most restaurants just straight up bill you 0.5€ for a glass of water!). Humans have been drinking alcohol for centuries and that is probably because the strongest kind of alcohol wasn't more than few % alcohol

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