Humans are bloat. They are unrecyclabe earth hating carbon farting unrecyclabe carbon based machines. I love how the only planet capable of sustaining life that we know of in the entire observable universe is just destroyed by they. It is utterly disgusting. Unfortunately one of the 8976451986754 different imprefections that humans have is that they need fuel - food - to sustain themselves (using the phrase "stay alive" is non-descriptive). SO i made this article to show how basically ~99% of all food is a joke and a scam.


Let's start by very non-food food. By tea i mean tea not tea tea (green tea).

i bought the cheapest tea i was able to get my hands on: Teekanne Strawberry Sunrise 50g. It cost me 45CZK = 900/kg (1.9527627 USD = 39.0552540/kg or 1.8223248 Eur = 36.4464960/kg) (2202-06-08) (=) box from top box from bottom. As you can see from the second image it says 20 teabags each weighing 2.5g. packed teabag unpacked teabag unpacked tea extracted As you can see the teabag is bloat... When i took apart the teabag paper there was a yellowish stripe that tasted a bit bitter (i don't think it is glue, but still makes me wonder why would the teabag have any colour) this was the case for all 20 teabags. box length box width box height the box is 60x140x74mm when i extracted the """tea""" from all the teabags it was 60x19x74mm so therefore tea is only 13.57142857143% of the whole box! Do you know why like 70%+ toilet paper in every country is made locally? because the volume:weight ratio is pretty shitty... Can you guess where this tea was made? Austria and then delivered here... and finally if you check the ingredients list: abelmosk, apple,brier, strawberry aroma, orange peel, strawberry (1%)... there is more """flavour""" then strawberry and if we do some more simple maths 1% from 84360mm^2 is 843.6mm^2. let's assume that the tea is 9/10 of the package so that's 45 grammes of tea so that's .45g of strawberry. that means that this whole package contains about 3% of medium sized strawberry (assuming it weighs ~15g).